Welcome to Kids Slumber Parties, where dream parties come to life. 

Sleepover Slumber Parties


Elevate the fun of sleepovers with our charming teepee tents. 


From themed setups to cozy larger sized teepee tents, we create the perfect environment for an extraordinary slumber party. 


For extra comfort and to include all age groups, we only use inflatable matrasses of 1.9m long and 80cm wide.


We have an extensive range of colour schemes and themes to choose from, but if we don't have your specific theme available, we will gladly assist with customisation.

Indoor & Outdoor Picnic Parties


Outdoor picnics are brilliant but if the weather does not permit it, simply take it indoor!


Whether you prefer a simple, understated setup for your special occasion, or an elaborate extravaganza, we've got you covered with decor, equipment and more. 


We offer equipment rental or, for your convenience, we provide a full house service which include all equipment, decor and party packs. 


Our picnic tables are built from high quality material and therefore very sturdy and safe to use.

Girlie Pamper Parties


For our young ladies, Kids Slumber Parties offer fun and relaxing pamper parties in the comfort of your home.


What makes our pamper parties the ultimate spartie and mobile service, is our beautiful decorations, high quality equipment and party assistants. The fun interaction we provide, makes the party highly entertaining for the girls, and allowing the mommies to relax.


If you are a hands-on mommy and enjoy doing it yourself - why not consider our DIY rental equipment. With this option, you can rent the items you need, get it delivered and beautifully setup, and we'll collect again after the party.


We offer packages to suit all age groups and budgets.

Nerf War Parties


Our George branch offers hosted Nerf War Parties which will provide an actioned-packed and exciting experience for kids of all ages!
We will bring all the necessary gear to your home or choice of venue. We also provide all the equipment, including the inflatable obstacles, Nerf guns and Buffs. Each player will receive safety goggles, to ensure that your kids can safely enjoy the fun and games that a Nerf War Party offers.


Our experienced staff will handle all of the set-up and games while you and the other parents take a break and relax.